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The Most Gemini of Gemini

by Skunky Beaumont

Squeal 02:31
Waxed (free) 03:05
The train kids know a dog's the way to go But a gun won't bark in a hotel room The film's so bad like "Man you won't believe it" That your mom won't let your dad go out and see it. ooh
Crescent 02:22
She thinks in greek, she speaks in rhymes She colors first, then draws the line I'm struck at first, then I am fine Capitol M, lower case y We got queit, after some wine We laid in grass, we laid inside
Think of all the fun you'll have Think of me as the genie
Green toads, no doze, and mangoes Zippos, hippies, and hippos The blue, the north, and the south poles Yellow tails on fish neck sushi rolls Lots of thoughts and traffic light bots Cards, Whey, Hay, way to much Tina Fey One Two Three Fourteen Music is the last speak easy Dropping leaflets of Hoffmans!
Tinker Spell 00:50
Run So Far 04:24
Pack, tunnel and carve Cut the lights and we'll dart Armed Rutherford Gaurd How's the Run so Far? Skunky Beaumont tried "that" last year and now he has to see the guidance counselor every day.
Dick Dale has a dick the size of a whale But he doesn't seem to know that life isn't fair Dick Dale had a dick the size of a whale But he doesn't seem to share it, life isn't fair Dick Dale had a dick the size of a whale But he doesn't seem to share it, like it ain't there
Jaws 02:05
Point Fake 02:42
And So We bought the ticket but they won't start the show Anticipation makes it come so slow I guess I'll wait here anyway And So I met a man who looked just like Ross Perot He said he'd have me on his late night talk show I lost his number anyway And I know Someone will wake me if I start to doze I can't believe I'd fall asleep here in the snow It's just so cold in Santa Fe And I know It's obsolete we need to update our code The stored procedure returns too many rows And we don't need them anyway And So I'm stepping lightly for my neighbors below The one beside me has a branch for a nose I don't need him anyway And I know There is a darkness there inside the glow It's just the contrast that helps the light show I know you'll see it any way


released April 30, 2013

Album Artwork by PJ Superior: pjsuperior.com or facebook.com/hotfroglegs


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Skunky Beaumont Utrecht, Netherlands

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